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Dear visitors of my page, the English language which I used to explain and share my art and Ideas is not my mother language and for that has to me a kind of World English quality and mimic, which is probably not satisfying to many English language people around the world, but I hope it would be clear and fare enough to whom which truly want to understand me. Thank you for your understanding and patient across my tries to communicate. And Please let me know about your opinion about my page anyway The Exhibitions of Incidence, occurs, Ideas: In relation to conventions in art activities as in context of exhibitions; I have not many as such to represent in may page. It is because I did not care about the Quantity of activity, more the Quality of my time space arrangements as my life activities also in my understanding about art. Better to put it, a no time and no space as an opposition to the regular conventions of manifesting the moment of the Now. Accenting on experiments and experiences are the meet point of art and the science to me. I also never thought that I am an conventional artist, my curiosity to what and how my perceptions witnessing, would explain my understanding about it identity in my perception. Collection, arrangement and nearly all my art activity ware deliberated from a personal decision. I really do not get to understand my sudden attentions in working as creating ideas or form of realizations. I know that mostly they are very sudden appearances in my mind and it duration s to the symbolic end of their activity in my mind as an Idea. I belief after all, art is an obtained intuition which breaking out and always over come my perception. This nearly unconscious function are the reason to many artistic intention and their activity, to me. Art is not an idea more a universe of different Ideas in doing and understanding the life about itself. Sometimes as a mathematical discipline and sometimes as totally abstraction of a feeling in my art experiences My intentions have bought end of that scales and moving in that between. An Art project that started about 30 years and still running is the collection of found objects. It is going more and more became a form in researching matter as a field study. Because of that my art space and arrangements have a symbolic form of labs or scientific arrangements and mimics. This way of presentation has to demonstrate Transparency is inspiring as well to motivating my perception. ABOUT MY COLLECTIONS OF FOUND OBJECTS: My collection of found objects is a form of visual joy or attraction in time space fabrique to me. A sympathy to the stories behind their appearances and histories. Its a dialog and communication with my environment and my perception in it content and beyond their known identity. My collection as an imaginary field allowing me to act totally free of conditions. It is moving between some very normal view of matter to a very transcendental opinion of understanding. It is moving between the matter as such and the individual meaning as transcendental opinion which we could always give to them. For this reason my found objects each could be understood as vocabulary, words or compact messages, as a symbolic form or as reminder to and about something to me. It present is a motivator to understand the Universality as meaning in it meaning less appearances. It means to understand more and more about how to not knowing also could become an other way of understanding. The aspects of HERE & NOW Another side of my creation has to do with the moment of awareness on present moment as such, in the idea of here and now. Most of my attention is focusing on the transformation of perception without consciously want to causing any control as manipulation on any situation. It is about an endless field of creation, possibilities, games and playing. An inexhaustible abilities which existing in any matters which I am aware of, until today. My own feeling about the result of this collecting and it internal ability as game and playing is very different variation. Sometimes it is look like an ultimate answer to every imagination or questions to conducting my life with. And sometimes because of it mass, demonstrating and show the emptiness beyond every appearances as meaning or any being ! My collection is a symbolic concentration of matter as any subject you like to imagine. It could also be a symbolic imagination form to a transcendent view of things to me. In an other part of sharing my ideas in my homepage, I had already writing more about the content of my collection, in an more detailed explanation. My mind found and shaped it reality as patterns in a very mystical background structure. Somehow to me sciences are very logical organization of not knowing in their attempting to belief to know! This is the center of all scientific clime in their necessary existential situation of imperfection of what they don’t know. A logical appropriator of symbolic singes in construction some unities. Some rules to be right to rule the chaos of unknown possibilities to a temporary stability. The concentration of gravity has a temporary quality what I understand as Matter. Objectively this matter is in it most part an empty space. The visual and physical appearances of any matter is a mirage. So we learned to see it as solid matter. The same uncertainly principle exist about the count 1 as very first unity. It has to demonstrate an highlight to nothingness symbol as a Zero. But an unity as One can not be complete.. The one is just an imaginary mass as the part of games and rules needed to play them. I think I repeat myself now again!!! The uncertainly of experiments and the imperfection of the unities, has been willingly putting on a side. Because somehow this was never about the perfection of the tools we used to explain anything. I suggested it was always about the present of the truth hidden in experiences itself, which be also as creator to forcing the process itself. To decide or not to is the question which influence the context of all my thought and doing in creation. So to find it out that when I decide and act, always happened something. Sometimes just watching and not seeking for anything, brought me many surprises in the way of my perception. There is to me no process without fate and no fate without any progress. This is my standpoint about internal processes and external forces as fate. This could be also the question about how and why, which move me in my conscious and bridging me to my unconscious landscape of inner knowledge. Curiosity, surprises and chances are my emphasis and crucial point in creation of ideas and art works. This all activity in art help me to build and know myself and the unconventional real me on behind. My real me is my ultimate trust point into my world, and I think this knowledge as my intuition will stay with me for awhile! It is an unstressed, bright and clear location in me which temporary guide and rescuing my life many time as far as I remember. This is an internal dialog between me and myself. Is it my Intuition what I `m talking about?!! It is not about graving or looking for as like seeking, it ´s more about to be aware of any moment in the art discovery. What I find have tow extreme signs to me. One, as finding again what I already know as reputation or recognition, and secondly the perception to unknown charm in matter as a door way to a new and higher understanding. Bought of this perceptions could be useful to me to create something out of conventional nothingness, also as similarities or differentiation in their relativity and dependency of their statements forces. This could be the meaning as an interval position to dependency, as contrast and highlighting in relativity, which used by me to settled my feeling and impressions in my art works. This is impressing me when I think how the disorder of mind could be cured by taking just certain Vitamins or becoming a fitting idea to the situation of disorder like an emotional outbreak situation. It´s to me because of information quality of life processes, existing in Chemistry of Vitamin or a symbolic construction of an idea. Advantage and disadvantage This state of worth system in my perception is a certain intention, to create patterns and meaning. This process to transformation of meaningless energy is an action to preparing for dispatch a formed as an energy pack as result, to be able to be useful to any building of constructions. As a freestone and a building stone which will be useful to create complex mind creations as ideas or doctrine. My ideas maybe have no direct practical use in our regular conditioned life and it conventions, but I belief for myself, my ideas are help me to come closer to the super position liked as my real self, in my mind and it challenge to making any decisions. Each decision is a form of could be situation. Each decision is just an imaginary position to what and how it would be. The time and space are to forces of nature, which could be able to in any different moments could creating different result. The grade of differentiate in results in my opinion, is depending to it time warp duration which in each different realization of same idea needed, to be able to follow and be able to try and construct any progresses or processes. This is just like a sign to me that show relevant is the ultimate opinion in any creation and idea. Falling a Decisions as manifestation throughout the free energy in it super position cause ; The awareness in art to me, is not a conditioned perception to satisfy any explanation or any expectations, it try to explore itself as unknown and express its journey as a recognition in it expressions of own being. Art is more a very personal relationship to the world of an artist self. In it theories performing and shining sometimes as like selfish, groundless, narcissistic or emphatic and naive! The language that I prefer to use to express my self about is a collagen of symbols to an unity of understanding. So I use conventions and condition of my mind to achieve unconditioned abilities. Transcendental possibilities: It is somehow the Fantasy, works and creation. The Fantasy and birth of ideas are laying close to each other. Each one in my opinions are the moment of superposition of energy in a self logical and reflected sphere. It is a strategy which sometimes has no use to any body else, than the artist self. For this view again, art is not there to present any solution as such, it is more about an how it has to happened, an example about the differentiate and abstraction of a clarity. Like a road map which help the perception to experiencing own way of using that ! Artists share there ideas and imagination. This is what the people love. Stories and Reality and the Truth have a same root. Both each has own imaginary field to play to. Actually to most of people not really matter any untruth explanations or saying in fantasy. The people usually love good stories and less interested about any truth. This is for example how politics and cinema dose acting on stories and have success to sell their versions of ideas to us. If they feel something joy able or interesting to their mind after awhile, they manifest it in their imagination and dreams as creations. For that I think Art creation at last is a piece of form or symbolic worth: meaning less to some and worthy to others. It is very dependent to the personal character and skills in our perception. Imagination as greatest gift to emptiness of a creative mind. Creations out of unknowns emptiness, as mystical point of view, as the fullness in emptiness or a door way to all that understanding and intuitions. Artists to me have always to understand and to know more about themselves and their external world, to remember and witnessing the unknown in everything which have their beginning or The End very related to the own life circulation and imagination. This knowledge of fullness in emptiness is the mother of all innovations and breaking through into any fresh new Ideas. As an ultimate skill, could and should be used from many scientist and artist unconsciously, to the new dimensions of abilities or options. Most of the people shows an dislike and aversion to what they don’t know. We don’t want to be remembered the great unknown identity of the universes inside and outside of our mind. We fear it as like darkness because of our habit of seeing to understand. The darkness to us is the symbol of not to be in controller of own destiny. I like Lao-tzu in his book Tao Te Ching as he regarded as: … `` Darkness, The Gateway To All Understanding ,, ... . In this way the darkness not as the lack of light more is about the lack of an ability to see differently, to understanding the meaning of the Light. The Mater to me is the manifestation of energy in a form of universal memory. As an magical arrangements and in the eye of logic very intelligent and tricky running process. This aspect of imagination about each appearance, as a fragment of whole, contained endless information as history of it evolutionary momentum, which a part staying invisible to our conscious awareness. It is because of our relative awareness about what we observing and what is the real essence of an object out of our conditioned perception, could mean more. So the art to me is a part, a form of processing the hidden memory as information in existing nature, to a visible idea or impression of many possible truth, existed behind our subjective habits of sensations, and as judgments and interpretations to manifesting a form of reality. An Imaginary reality as state of perceptional doctrines and interpretations which understand more and more about own dilemma of not understanding, and in relation to the great mystery of existed universe in action, it being and it evolutionary willingness. There is nowhere that art has to reach or put an end to. Art is a processing the now, as an infinite try and movement, an healthy condition to keep the way open to universal intelligent and it vibration into our consciously existed perception. A form of mastering skills to a thought fullness in life and it challenges. Something so important to me as like the importance of breathing, easy to forget about but unavoidable to our survival. Thank you for your attention. Hamburg, 19.02.2019